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My dear Indian brothers and sisters, welcome to the Netherlands. I am sure you must be enjoying here but at the same time finding it difficult to adjust with a totally different environment, people and weather! Thankfully this is the easy part as compared to the language that plays an important part in this society. Dutch people are proud on their language and appreciate if foreigners can understand and speak it, at least try. Almost all activities need basic understanding of dutch – like grocery, shopping, travel in tram or metro, dining out, calling customer care for TV or phone, reading Gemeente or tax authority letters.

So, it is necessary, if not must, to learn Dutch language (Nederlands) to  get integrated in society. Government also thinks so, that’s why they test your language before you can become a permanent resident or apply for passport. See http://www.inburgeren.nl/ for details.

About me …

Hi there! I am an ambitious lady born and grown up in Holland. My father is from Punjab and my mother from Suriname (her ancestors from India) and this made me a person grown up with three different cultures and four different languages from home. However my mother tongue is Dutch. I attended only Dutch (Catholic) schools where I was always ‘one of the less foreigners’ which gave me the opportunity to integrate very well in the Dutch culture. But…’phir bhi dil hai Hindustani ‘ and I have always been connected with our Indian culture and always felt proud on my roots.

Motivation …

After meeting my Indian husband, I really realized how hard the Dutch language is. Except the fact that I like people and I always like to help them , I see it as a challenge to learn Indians the basic of Dutch with my own ‘masala’. The focus in ‘Namastey Holland’ will be on conversation and daily practical situations because I think that will be more useful for you. Parallel to that I will explain you the grammar of course 😉 The books, which we will use, will prepare you for A2 level in Dutch, which is required for passing the ‘inburgeringsexamen’.

About the course

Namastey Holland is the name of my classes where you will learn Dutch language. The focus will be on conversation and achieving A2 level


Have a nice day! :)


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